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Sell your home for a single one-off payment


Our standard package offers everything you need to sell your home for a single one-off payment. You will receive all the services you would expect, including a home visit, high quality photographs of your property and a floorplan to help potential buyers visualise your home. And of course the upfront fee includes listings on all the major property websites, including Zoopla, Rightmove and Prime Location. You will also benefit from our excellent customer service seven days a week. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will arrange viewings and negotiate with potential buyers on your behalf, helping you secure the best price possible for your home.

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Pay On Completion


We know that moving house is an expensive business and it can be hard to find the money for estate agent fees on top of everything else. This package allows you to sign up with HouseMoov and get your house on the market without paying a penny. You will then pay £xxx on completion or 12 months after your property is first listed, whichever comes sooner. This deal is similar to those on offer from estate agents in the high street but as HouseMoov has lower overheads, our fees are lower and more affordable.

As with our standard package, your property will be listed on Rightmove, Prime Location, Zoopla and other major home selling websites. You will also be able to call on our approachable team of property experts to put together a persuasive listing, arrange viewings and liaise with buyers on your behalf.

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Real Estate Market Prices

Pay only when your home sells


If you’re worried your home may not sell or you’re relying on a sale to cover your estate agent’s fees, this is the package for you. Sign up to HouseMoov today without parting with a penny of your money. We’ll visit your home, take photographs and draw up a floorplan to create a high quality listing which will catch the eye of potential buyers. Your property will feature on all the major websites including Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location but you won’t pay a thing until your home actually sells.

This package includes the same exceptional service as our Pay Now and Pay Later packages with our expert team on hand seven days a week to guide you through the selling process.