Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

HouseMoov uses cookies on our website as it helps us make sure you have a good experience while you are browsing our website and allows us to check our site is working as it should for other users.

A cookie is a small text file which we store in your browser or on your computer’s hard drive. These files allow us to record how you have used our website and we can use this data to identify areas which need improvement. The information we gather includes the length of time users spend on certain pages, how effective advertising on our site and how quickly visitors leave our website.

HouseMoov uses two different types of cookie. These are temporary session cookies, which are deleted when you close your browser and persistent cookies which remain on your hard drive until you delete them or they expire.

If you do not want cookies on your browser or hard drive, you can block them through your browser settings. However, blocking cookies may result in parts of the HouseMoov website not working properly and you may be unable to access parts of our site.

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